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RepuSure® is software you can white-label and sell to your clients. You can charge them for monitoring or build a whole new service offering around online reputation management. That is entirely up to you.

  • User-friendly software that provides your clients digital reputation monitoring and an unbiased archive of their Google results
  • Weekly automated email reports that show value and transparency so they know you are working hard for them
  • Technology to add activity reporting directly from your CRM system to weekly reports
  • You do the PR and brand management, they see the results in their Google results and renew and stick with you
  • Developed by industry-leading online reputation experts. This is the same software they use
  • Tap into a growing new revenue stream and future-proof your business


Monitor Google Results

RepuSure® software tracks search results from an unbiased point of view and in your choice of geographic location. This is a reputation scorecard and is used to measure success. It can be used reactively to address a crisis or proactively to make sure one doesn’t happen.

Media Monitoring

RepuSure® can track mentions of a name across more than 10 million news sources and websites. Through this reactive approach, RepuSure® can pinpoint negative criticism as it happens and not allow it to linger unaddressed.


Dealing with a damaged reputation is devastating on both a personal and business level. When a crisis strikes, you can feel confident knowing RepuSure® is backed by service providers who can assist with navigating the confusing and intimidating digital universe.

What We Offer

White Labeled Reputation Management Services

RepuSure® offers preferred pricing to white labelled a-la-carte online reputation management services from Services include: (1) Guaranteed Removals (2) Suppression (3) Reviews Management

Experience and Expertise

We know all the ins and outs of the digital component of the public relations business. Combined with your knowledge and connections you will be unstoppable

24/7 Software Support

RepuSure® is supported by a full time team of software developers, account executives and reputation management experts who are committed to making sure you get the most out of our software.

Why us?

In today's digital-centered world, digital reputation management has become a front and center part of delivering comprehensive, industry-leading PR services for your clients. RepuSure® provides the software you need to give your clients the ability to monitor and take control of their online reputations. RepuSure®’s software can be quickly and easily white-labeled to fit your brand, is backed by a team of online reputation experts, and is supported by customer-focused, 24/7 support.

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  • Public Relations


  • Software Development


  • Service & Support


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