How It Works

We want every company and individual to be able to rest knowing their online reputation is protected. RepuSure® reputation protection plans offer proactive monitoring and remediation solutions when issues arise. Businesses and individuals want good online reputations and with our software and services, they can have that. We offer an affordable and effective solution that can be purchased alone or added on to existing benefits or coverage.


You follow our simple 5-minute online signup process. One simple annual fee for businesses and one for individuals.


We analyze your profile, setup your account and confirm your coverage.


You receive weekly reports and if your online reputation is damaged we quickly resolve the issue.

Why it's important?

A combination of market forces, a growing reliance on technology and a changing media landscape have changed how reputations are created and managed.

Growth industry

A recent poll found there was a 16% annual growth in demand for online reputation management services (Source: econsultancy poll). Online reputation management (ORM) is top of mind for professionals and service providers. 87 percent of executives surveyed rated reputation risk as an important issue, and 88 percent said they’re focusing on it as a key business challenge.

Lack of in-house expertise

Only 19% of business leaders gave a high rating to their current ORM capabilities. (Source: Forbes Insights). RepuSure® is designed to protect average people from reputation damage. Your clients want to see you have a good online reputation. Our software and services can deliver the protection you need.

Adapt to the digital world

The rise of Google, explosion of social media, growth of review sites like Yelp and online forums has created a rapidly shifting media landscape. You have to evolve and prioritize where you focus your attention.

It's All About Google

There are 3 main reasons why managing a person or company’s Google results is critical for their success:


People will be Googling you for a long time. The results will not go away or change on their own. The internet never forgets.

High traffic

Google is the highest trafficked website in the world. There are tens of thousands of searches for common brands each month. A lot of eyes will see whatever information Google presents about you.


Search results are viewed by the exact people who have shown an interest in your brand or name. Google is the go-to destination for consumers to perform research on people, products and services.

RepuSure® Software Features

Sentiment Change

The RepuSure® dashboard provides a clear, graphical display of how your online reputation is changing on a monthly basis. RepuSure®’s sentiment graph displays key data points, such as number of positive, negative and created links within either your Top 10 or Top 20 Google search results. Through these data points, RepuSure® provides an graphical analysis of your online sentiment or how you holistically appear to Google users.

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You can view a chronological archive of your Google results in the Screenshots section. You can compare your current online reputation to your search results from when your campaign first began. You can make new campaigns and specify search location, search engine and browser language. View mobile and desktop screenshots.

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Asset Ranking

This tool gives you a comprehensive view of how individual assets have moved up or down the search results. This will help you see precisely what’s working and what isn’t so you know where to invest in the future. It also puts an exact number on your results which is important for demonstrating value.

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To help your clients monitor their results week over week, the system generates a branded Weekly Snapshot email which shows current rankings compared to when they were added to the system and before and after screenshots.

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How We Can Work Together

RepuSure® gives you a new type of protection to augment your existing coverage and stay ahead of the curve. Don't let someone else take your business because you left your search results to chance.

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RepuSure® is industry-leading online reputation management software for public relations professionals that you can white-label and sell to your clients.


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